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Raison d'être

Surprisingly, millions are trying to discover this approach on their own & some are reinventing this wheel of success, every day
of the year, with exceptional grit, perseverance & determination to compensate for the lack of access to World Class Exposure, Expert Knowledge & Practical Guidance.

​Like many of the world’s best products & services EVER conceptualized, we started
Leader Classes by questioning the status quo & re-imagining possibilities, by asking simple questions with potentially profound impact on the lives of the world’s most ambitious minds :-

What can happen if every Student, Working Professional or Entrepreneur at every stage of their career,  any where in the world, with an internet connection,keen on improving herself / himself :-

 1) Could access & learn from the distilled wisdom of the world’s leaders par excellence - including Global Leaders, Business     Legends, Pioneers,Visionaries, Futurists, Thought Leaders, World Class Professors, Best Selling Authors, Innovators,       Distinguished Entrepreneurs & Industry Leading Executives ?

2) Could gain “world class exposure” ONLY the finest currently get at the world’s best educational institutions, at a fraction of       its current cost & time ?

3) Could access & learn from the best practices & practical, actionable, expert insights of the world’s most respected Corporate      Leadership Development programs at a fraction of its cost & time ?

4) Could access & learn from the world’s best resources on Career Advancement & Leadership Development curated & sifted    from several thousands of Websites, Interviews, Books, Blogs, Podcasts, Videos, Journals, Articles, Magazines, Reports,     Courses, Leadership Programs, Conferences etc. on~100+ Sub areas subsumed under “Leadership” to address crucial       questions like those outlined below at each stage of their Career & Life :-

         •   How capable am I ?
         •   What should I aim for ? Why ? How to decide this ?
         •   What to achieve & How to decide this ?
         •   How to achieve what I want to achieve ? ( For example, build / fast track a career I love & grow my business to the next level(s) )
         •   Who to Learn / seek guidance from & on What areas ?
       •  How to do this in the most efficient way saving my Time, Effort while significantly increasing my chances of success, without “Reinventing                 the wheel” ?
         •  What are my finest peers worldwide doing ? How are they accelerating their Careers & Success ? What & How can I learn from them ?
         •  What kind of mistakes have my peers made ? How & What can I learn from this ?
         •  How can I access the Leaders / create the opportunities, I want for my Career / Business?
         •  How can I make others help me succeed ?
         •  What are the biggest trends shaping my world ? How can I leverage them for my success ?

We believe we can transform lives by helping you succeed while creating leaders the world will be proud of.
Leader Classes
was born to accomplish this through Four World Class Online & Offline Career Advancement & Leadership Development Programs outlined below :-

Budding Leaders program
For Ambitious MBA's, Engineers, Chartered Accountants, Commerce, Business, Arts, Sciences & other Students, aspiring to progress to Director/GM/VP/Higher level roles within 10-15 years of completing their education.To
(a) Access your Free Introductory Course
(b) Explore attending our CAST workshop
(c) Explore this program in greater detail
Budding Leaders program

For ambitious Working Professionals  keen on accelerating their success to transition into our Future Leaders category within the next 6-8 years.
(a) Access your Free Introductory Course
(b) Explore attending our CAST workshop
(c) Explore this program in greater detail

Future Leaders

For ambitious Director/General Manager/Vice President level Professionals keen on accelerating their success to transition into a high performing C-Level Leader within the next 6-8 years.
Emerging Leaders
For Director/General Manager/Vice President & C-Level Professionals keen on advancing their Careers and growing their Businesses while evolving into a renowned Business Leader/Entrepreneur /High-Performing Board Member.
Executive & Board level Leaders program

For Chairpersons, CEOs, Managing Directors, Board Level Leaders & Seasoned Entrepreneurs keen on advancing their Businesses, Industries and Nations while creating their Legacy.

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Founder's Executive Bio

Executive Bio of S. Venkatesh, Founder & CEO, Awesome Firms (owns LeaderClasses) :- ​
★  A serial entrepreneur with the experience of creating & running two high end, retained executive search consulting boutiques for over 15 years in New York & India,       focused on executive talent acquisition for positions offering an Annual Base Salary of over $250k & its equivalent in the US, European & Asian markets. Personally       successfully executed over 200 searches.
★  Deep understanding of our focus industries & the needs / challenges of  innovative organizations & top tier professionals.
★  Trusted relationships & privileged access earned with some of the finest executives in these Industries, across geographies.
★  An Alumnus of IIM Lucknow. (Full-Time, PGP, Class of 2001). IIM's are equivalent of the Ivy League Business schools in India (LinkedIn profile)

Other Info

Leaderclasses is principally located in Chennai, India & built with love for the World's Learners & Learning Leaders.