Free Online Career Excellence Leadership Program

What if you had a " Google Map " for your Career that can take you from where you are to where you want to be, at the pace you set for yourself ?

What if you could learn the secrets of how the world's best performing Executives & Business Leaders :-

a) Started, Built & Advanced their careers, while navigating several career inflection points seamlessly. 

b) Hunt for & gain access to the finest  Jobs & Career Opportunities across the world going MUCH beyond Job Sites, Career Pages of Companies, Alumni Job Boards, Recruitment Firms etc. 

c) Earn Top Tier Compensation for the work they do, while building a career & life they love.

LeaderClasses, a pioneering IIM Alumni venture, is sculpting a unique  “Google Map” of sorts for your career that can take you from where you are today to where you want to be, in your areas of passion & focus, at the pace you choose to set for yourself, by helping you navigate the challenges of building an amazing career you love, while building a solid leadership foundation for you.

Leveraging the world’s best resources in 100+ topics of strategic importance to your success in diverse areas including Leadership Development, Strategic Career Management, Talent Development, etc we help ambitious Students & Working Professionals :-

a) Build a career they love.
b) Broaden, Deepen & Strengthen their leadership foundations.
c) Accelerate their career growth on the fast track to the C-Suite in a career path they love.
d) Earn Top Tier Compensation in India / USA /Singapore / HK / Europe, for the work they do.
e) Above all, beyond careers, lead a joyous & fulfilling life.

LeaderClasses Online Career Excellence Leadership Program , is an Industry / Function / Geography / Organizational Level agnostic program providing practical, actionable, universally valuable insights hard to access elsewhere, designed to enable anyone, anywhere in the world with access to an Internet Connection excel professionally in their Career & personally, beyond careers , enjoy a joyous, purpose led,meaningful life.

This program is offered at Two levels :-

a) Foundation Level (Free) -

To enable you build a solid foundation for your career excellence, built upon the experience & wisdom gained from best in class Executives & world class research on multiple areas of strategic importance deemed crucial determinants of  long term professional success.

Being a Free program, this also offers you a risk free way to see for yourself what you are currently missing in your learning, career & professional development channels as also experience the quality of our program via our Videos delivered privately to you via our online portal.

b) Advanced Level (Paid) - 

For those seeking to deep dive ( Maybe 10X deeper ! ) into the nuances of Career Advancement & Leadership Development & are committed to investing the required effort, time & financial resources to master these nuances  accelerating their journey to excellence.

Again, delivered via Online Videos, with Offline Events starting when logistically feasible.

Delighted to invite you to click the link here to  "Join our Career Excellence Leadership Program"

Kindly note that by design, you can upgrade to our Advanced Level  program ( Paid) ONLY after joining our Foundation program (Free) .

Speaker's Profile

Executive Bio

S. Venkatesh

Founder & CEO, Awesome Firms ( Owns LeaderClasses)

★ 20+ years at Work, 17+ years at Entrepreneurship across multiple ventures in the US ( SF+NY ) & Indian Markets.

★ 15+ years of Retained Executive Search Consulting experience in New York & India focused on Executive & Senior Management Level Talent Acquisition for positions offering an Annual Base Salary of over US $250K & its equivalent in the US, European & Asian Markets across a variety of Industries & Functions, with intimate knowledge of these market segments.

★ Personally successfully executed over 200 searches while having the privilege of directly/ indirectly partnering with, strategically guiding & learning from 25000+Senior Management & 12000+ Executive Level leaders, while closely working with 35+Top Tier Organizations across Sectors / Geographies / Markets at the Senior Management / Executive / Board Levels.

★ Deep understanding of our focus Industries & the needs / challenges of Innovative organizations &Top Tier professionals.

★ Trusted relationships & Privileged access earned with some of the finest Executives & Entrepreneurs in these Industries, across Geographies.

★ Have delivered highly rated Workshops / Guest Lectures / Presentations at 50+ premier Institutes including several IIM’s, IIT’s, NIT’s, BITS-Pilani, etc.

★ An Alumnus of IIM Lucknow (Full-Time, PGP, Class of 2001 ). IIM’s are equivalent of the Ivy League Business Schools in India.

Founder's Message & Invitation

D ear Learner / Learning Leader ,

Greetings to you !

My name is Venkatesh. After graduating from IIM Lucknow (Full Time PGP, Class of 2001) in my 20+ years at work so far, for 15+ years I have had the privilege of heading two super specialist retained executive search boutiques in New York & Chennai focussed on C-Suite & Higher level roles ( Annual Compensation > INR 2.5C+ p.a in India & > $500K p.a in the US, Singapore etc ) strategically partnering with 35+ Top Tier organizations ( Including 15 of F500 ) guiding & learning from 10000+ C-Suite & Higher level leaders across Asia / USA / Europe.

In this process I have gained exceptionally enriching insights on Organizational Structures,  Roles, Career Progression Approaches, Compensation Levels, Organization Culture, Leadership Development challenges, Talent Management issues etc across Industries, Functions & Geographies from  Working Professional & Employer perspectives, very valuable to ambitious professionals seeking effective approaches to excel in their careers.

Given the nature of my work, over the last twenty years,  my team &  I have also been closely tracking some of the world's finest resources  (Research from the World's best - B- Schools, Leadership Development Institutions, Thought Leaders, Executive Conferences , Books etc) across a variety of areas - From Strategic Career Management, Leadership Development, Talent Management, Peak Performance, Business Models etc.

So far, we have been sharing the learnings from these insights exclusively with our Clients & represented candidates.

My current venture Leaderclasses, leverages our deep data, insights + experience & blends this with harnessed insights from the world's best sources, to create this unique "Online Career Excellence Leadership Program ", where I share learnings with you.

Your support is valuable to us.

Specifically if you are looking for / know people looking to access the finest Jobs & Career Opportunities anywhere in the world, do ensure that they get to see this page ( & Signup for our Free Foundation Program) as we will soon be sharing a highly efficient Job Search & Career Opportunities Identification approach , a technique that very few know about & one that goes much beyond the conventional job search approaches (Job Sites, Recruitment Firms, Career Pages of Companies, Alumni Networking sites, Job Ads  etc) while being the most effective. 

Someone could potentially land a great opportunity that could change her / his life, especially in the current harsh Covid - 19 / Post Covid - 19 environment where many professionals in your network could be actively searching for / soon be searching for the best career opportunities & our expert guidance could help here. 

Once again, delighted to invite you to "Join our Career Excellence Leadership Program".

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My team & I at LeaderClasses look forward to helping you enable your Career Excellence, soon !

Looking forward to meeting you soon, 

Thanking you ,

With deep regards