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Before becoming a Member

1) How can I join LeaderClasses ?

LeaderClasses is a paid Online Annual Membership Subscription open to everyone. All you need is access to a computer with an updated browser, an Internet connection and of course, a passion to learn from the world’s finest minds.

To know more about & to join our exclusive, exceptional network of ambitious minds, we invite you to review our Membership page. 

We look forward to hearing from & having you in our exceptional network, soon.

2) What is your Refund policy & Validity period for Annual Subscription ?

All Membership Subscriptions/ Fees, are valid for 365 days from the date of sign up & once paid are :-

• Non-Refundable
• Not Transferable  
• Not Adjustable Partly or Wholly, for anything else under all circumstances.

We recommend our users to explore to join only when they are truly committed to investing in their growth and personal / professional development.

For more details, please review our Terms & Conditions & Privacy Policy

3) What are the accepted payment methods for Online payment of my Annual Subscription ?


• Net Banking.

Credit Cards – Visa, MasterCard, Discover, JCB, American Express.

• Debit Cards  - Visa & MasterCard.

4)  What happens after I pay my First Year’s subscription online ?

Upon receipt of  your Membership Application along with your First Year’s Annual Subscription payment, we will either approve your Application for Membership / Inform you otherwise on email, within Three business days of receipt of your payment.

We may also call / mail you to seek clarifications / additional documentation to authenticate your credentials, if we deem necessary

If approved, your account Credentials will be shared with you on email & we will be delighted to welcome you to access your subscription online.

Else, your Membership Fees will be refunded in full (Less Handling charges of INR 200/-  or US $3 /- ) within 10 Business Days of receipt of our email, to your payment source.

NO requests for Cash Refunds / Refunds in any other source other than your payment source will be entertained, under any circumstance.

Do submit your details “ Here ”. Upon review of your submission, we will advise next steps on email / call you at your contact numbers, as may be appropriate.

5) Where would I get my payment receipt ?

When you pay for a Membership, you'll get an email confirming your payment sent to your registered email address used by you to access your LeaderClasses account. This email includes all your payment details.

Receipts for payments on LeaderClasses include your full name and the name of the Course you paid for.

If you lose your payment confirmation or need another copy, you can request another email receipt by contacting us.

After becoming a Member

6) What if I am having login problems or forget my password ?

If you see an "email or password incorrect" message, make sure that the email address you entered is the one that you registered for your Leader Classes account.

If you continue to see this message, you can select Forgot Password to change your password.
You can also reset your password from your Account Settings, if you're able to log in, by following these steps :-
1. At the top of any page, select the dropdown menu icon next to your username.
2. Select Account.
3. Select Reset Password -  The system sends a confirmation message to the email address in the Email Address field.
4. Click on the confirmation link in the email message.

Common Login Problems :-

If you clicked Forgot Password but have not received an email message with a link to reset your password, check for these common problems :-
• Is your email address entered correctly on the sign in page ? Check for errors and try again.
• Did you enter the same email address that you used to register your account ? Reset messages are sent only to registered email addresses.
• Did you check your spam message folders ? Check your spam folder for a message from LeaderClasses.
• If the message is not there, try adding our automated mailer address to your contacts or your approved senders list and then reset your password again.
• Did you complete the account registration process ? To check, try registering again with the same email address.
If the account does exist, a message will indicate that you are already a member.

Other Error Messages

If you see a different error when trying to sign in, check for these common problems :-
• Make sure that you are using a current version of Firefox or Chrome.
• Make sure that you have cookies and JavaScript enabled
• Try clearing your browser’s cache.

If you still face a problem, “
contact us”.

7) Which cohort would I be eligible for to attend the Offline CAST Events ?

The Online Subscription focuses on universally valuable Leadership Development & Strategic Career Management inputs fungible across Organizational levels
, Industries & Geographies.

Depending on your profile & the eligibility criteria detailed below, your Cohort (For the Offline Workshops Only) are decided as follows :-

Budding Leaders program


For Ambitious MBA's, Engineers, Chartered Accountants, Commerce, Business, Arts, Sciences & other Students, aspiring to progress to Director / GM / VP /  Higher level roles within 10-12 years of completing their education.

Budding Leaders program

For ambitious Working Professionals  keen on accelerating their success to transition into our Future Leaders category within the next 6-8 years.

Eligiblity - Annual Gross Compensation Upto INR 50 Lakhs per annum if  based in India & Upto USD 200K p.a if  based outside India.



For ambitious Director / General Manager / Vice President level Professionals (Annual Gross Compensation exceeding INR 50 Lakhs per annum if  based in India & Over USD 200K p.a if  based outside India.) keen on accelerating their success to transition into a high performing C-Level Leader within the next 6-8 years.

To Know More about Becoming a member / signup we invite to review our "Membership" Page.

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