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Emerging Leaders

Are you an ambitious GM / Director / VP level professional keen on excelling in your current role & evolving your career to the next level(s) ?

Are you open to learning & doing what matters to achieve this ?

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LeaderClasses Emerging Leaders Program is a pioneering, unique, fully online, 6 months (@ 2 hours / week), high impact, experiential insights & research led, leadership development & strategic career management program for ambitious professionals like you, helping you :- 

a) Learn wisely, on multiple topics deemed crucial to executive success,  derived from the experience , life of the world's finest Leaders & research programs of top universities, saving your most valuable asset - years of your precious time.

b) Learn how to identify & win, world-class career propelling opportunities that can help you evolve to Executive Level roles.

c) Learn to learn better, learning how NOT to miss chances.

d) Learn to Think, Communicate, Execute, Build Relationships that matter & Gain Influence while Achieving your goals & Inspiring others like a top class Leader. 

This program brings together :-

a) Expert, actionable, practical & crucial insights in the areas of Talent Transformation , Leadership Development & Strategic Career Management from the world's best resources


b) Our Founder's experience of strategically partnering with 35+ World Class Organizations ( Including 15+ of F500)  across the Americas & Asia for 15+ years at the Senior Management & Executive Levels (See Our Founder's detailed Executive Bio below.) ,

helping you :-

a)  Learn & Do what matters to excel in your current role,

b) Evolve your chosen career path to the next level(s) &

c) Beyond careers, help you lead a joyous & fulfilling life.

Target Participant Profile :- This program is primarily for ambitious GM / Director / VP level professionals keen ontransitioning from Functional to Cross-Functional / Multi-Faceted / GeneralManagement Roles & from Tactical to Strategic Leadership Roles.

Typical program applicants include General Managers, Directors, Senior Directors, Executive Directors, Vice Presidents, Functional Heads, Business Heads, National Heads , Country Managers & Equivalent level professionals, with 15-30+ years of experience across one/more industries/functions/geographies, keen on evolving swiftly to C-Suite roles.

Dont just be another Senior Manager. Become a serious Executive Aspirant & an Emerging Leader !

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Program Presenter / Facilitator’s Profile

Learning Facilitator - Program Presenter’s Profile

Executive Biography Image of  S. Venkatesh, Founder & CEO, Awesome Firms (Owns LeaderClasses)

Executive Bio

S. Venkatesh

Founder & CEO, Awesome Firms (Owns LeaderClasses)

★ 20+ years at Work, 17+ years at Entrepreneurship across multiple ventures in the US ( SF+NY ) & Indian Markets.

★ 15+ years of Retained Executive Search Consulting experience in New York & India focused on Executive & Senior Management Level Talent Acquisition for positions offering an Annual Base Salary of over US $250K & its equivalent in the US, European & Asian Markets across a variety of Industries & Functions, with intimate knowledge of these market segments.

★ Personally successfully executed over 200 searches while having the privilege of directly/ indirectly partnering with, strategically guiding & learning from 25000+ Senior Management & 12000+ Executive Level leaders, while closely working with 35+ Top Tier Organizations across Sectors / Geographies / Markets at the Senior Management / Executive / Board Levels.

★ Deep understanding of our focus Industries & the needs / challenges of Innovative organizations & Top Tier professionals.

★ Trusted relationships & Privileged access earned with some of the finest Executives & Entrepreneurs in these Industries, across Geographies.

★ Has delivered highly rated Workshops / Guest Lectures / Presentations at 50+ premier Institutes including several IIM’s, IIT’s, NIT’s, BITS-Pilani, etc.

★ An Alumnus of IIM Lucknow (Full-Time, PGP, Class of 2001 ). IIM’s are equivalent of the Ivy League Business Schools in India.

About LeaderClasses

LeaderClasses, a pioneering IIM Alumni venture, is sculpting a unique “Google Map” of sorts for your Personal Growth & Professional Excellence that :-

a) Helps you build, grow & excel in an amazing career you love, taking you from where you are today to where you want to be, at the pace you set for yourself.

b) Helps you build, broaden, deepen & strengthen your leadership foundations for your personal mastery & professional excellence.

c) Helps you earn Top Tier Compensation for your work.

d) Helps you accelerate your career growth on the fast track in a career path you love.

e) Above all, beyond careers, helps you lead a joyous & fulfilling life.

We accomplish this via our high impact,  practical, experiential learning focused, research led , fully Online, Personal Mastery & Leadership Development programs that blend :-

a) The finest research & best in class resources across several disciplines including Neuroscience, Psychology, Executive Development, Leadership Development, Talent Management & Strategic Career Management


b) Our Founder's rich experience of 20+yrs at work, 15+ yrs in Retained Executive Search Consulting (Executive Board, C-Suite & equivalent ) for 35+ Top Tier Organizations (Including 15+ F500) across Americas & Asia, gained after graduating from IIM Lucknow two decades ago. ( His detailed Executive Bio is presented above. )

The Program Format delivers short videos providing actionable, practical, strategic, expert insights, crucial inputs & best practices, helping you become the very best you can be :-

a) Personally (Personal Mastery - Helping you Evolve as a person) &

b) Professionally (Professional Excellence – Excel in your Career).

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