Evolve Your Life Program

Evolve Your Life Program

Dear Seeker,

Greetings to you & Welcome to LeaderClasses !

Are you keen to evolve your life to a more healthier, happier version, richer in inner peace, serenity, calmness & joy ?

Are you willing to change things within your self that can change things around you, forever ?

Are you willing to learn what matters to achieve this, from the messages of the Masters - Some of the greatest Spiritual Masters, Philosophers, Pre-eminent Neursoscientists, Distinguished World Leaders & from Timeless Literature - The finest books whose messages / thoughts have stood the test of time ?

Are you willing to invest ~1 hour a week, online, at any day / time you choose, for atleast 2 months to accomplish this ?

If so, do invest a few minutes to read this page thoroughly.

We can help you build & lead a more meaningful, beautiful, healthier, joyous life you love, filled with inner peace & calmness - Very important things most people are unable to find while pursuing / even after achieving their ambitions & making money.

My name is Venkatesh & I am the Founder of LeaderClasses, a one of its kind platform being sculpted to serve as a Google Map of sorts for seekers like you - striving to Elevate & Evolve your Life from where you are to where you can / should be - helping you take your life to a higher level of Health, Happiness, Joy & Inner Peace - Enabling True, Meaningful, Holistic Life Success possible for seekers open to learning from the world's best minds & willing to work on your self to make significant, lasting Life Transformation & Evolution possible.

At LeaderClasses, we are sculpting a unique, affordable by all, fully online program “ Evolve Your Life ” delivering practical, incisive, actionable & research proven content on multiple topics, curated from the world's best sources, designed to help you build & strengthen your Life's Foundation for health, happiness & inner peace to significantly enhance the meaning, purpose & quality of your life.

The Foundation Course of this program (Level 1 of this program ) is a Pre-Recorded, fully Online Course delivered in an Audio-Visual Format ( Video Presentation with my Voice Over, like a Pod Cast ) accessible Online 24*7 on demand, with One Live Session per month & 20, 10-15 minute Videos, on multiple topics, uploaded @ 2-3 Audio Visuals per week, every week, for 2 months starting Wednesday, 26th October 2022.

As our gift to Innovators / Early Adopters for their trust in us - this High Quality, Foundation Course of our “Evolve Your Life” Program, against our Standard Program Fees of INR 5000/- (INR Five Thousand Only) is offered at a Limited Time, Special Fees of INR 501/- (INR Five Hundred & One Only).

Completing this Foundation Level Course of "Evolve Your Life" Program is mandatory for anyone seeking to join any of our advanced courses of our "Evolve Your Life" programs.

Details of our advanced level courses will be shared with Foundation Level Course participants at an appropriate stage.

I am delighted to invite you to join our 2 Month, Fully Online, Foundation Level Course of our “ Evolve Your Life ” Program & experience its impact potential on your life, first-hand, by paying INR 501/- (INR Five Hundred & One Only) & signing up for the same via the form below.

Join The 60 Days Foundation Course Of Our “ Evolve Your Life ” Program

You can use the link below to connect with me & seek clarifications on your program queries, if any, by submitting the form below.

Looking forward to meeting you in my program soon.

Thanking you,

With deep regards

Founder CEO - LeaderClasses.

Program Presenter / Facilitator’s Profile

Executive Biography Image of  S. Venkatesh, Founder & CEO, Awesome Firms (Owns LeaderClasses)

Executive Bio

S. Venkatesh

Founder & CEO, Awesome Firms ( Owns LeaderClasses )

★ An Alumnus of IIM Lucknow ( Full-Time, PGP, Class of 2001 ).

★ Seasoned Entrepreneur - 20+ years at Work, 17+ years at Entrepreneurship across multiple ventures in the US ( SF+NY ) & Indian Markets.

★ Leadership Development, Self Mastery, Spirituality Enthusiast - Has delivered highly rated Workshops / Guest Lectures / Presentations at 50+ premier Institutes including several IIM’s, IIT’s, NIT’s, BITS-Pilani, etc.

★ 20+ years at Work, 17+ years at Entrepreneurship across multiple ventures in the US ( SF+NY ) & Indian Markets.

★ 15+ years of Retained Executive Search Consulting experience in New York & India focused on Executive & Senior Management Level Talent Acquisition for positions offering an Annual Base Salary of over US $250K & its equivalent in the US, European & Asian Markets across a variety of Industries & Functions, with intimate knowledge of these market segments.

★ Personally successfully executed over 200 searches while having the privilege of directly/ indirectly partnering with, strategically guiding & learning from 25000+ Senior Management & 12000+ Executive Level leaders, while closely working with 35+ Top Tier Organizations across Sectors / Geographies / Markets at the Senior Management / Executive / Board Levels.

★ Deep understanding of our focus Industries & the needs / challenges of Innovative organizations & Top Tier professionals.

★ Trusted relationships & Privileged access earned with some of the finest Executives & Entrepreneurs in these Industries, across Geographies.

Next Steps

We are looking forward to hearing from you & partnering with you in your journey to excellence, soon !

Join The 60 Days Foundation Course Of Our “ Evolve Your Life ” Program

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