Program For Executive Excellence (LEAPEX)

Program Objective :- Help our program participants gain requisite Skills, Capabilities, Insights & Executive Career Opportunities ( Optional ) to successfully evolve into world-class Executive Leaders.

Program Target Audience :-

a) Executive Board Leaders, Group Executive Officers, Executive Officers, CMD, CEO, MD, President, CXO, Managing Partners, Senior Partners, Key Executives, Country Managers & Equivalent Level Leaders.

b) Family Business Leaders & Scions of Family Businesses.

c) Seasoned Startup Founders, Co-Founders & Experienced Entrepreneurs.

Typical Participant Profile :- Typically program participants have 15-30+ years of experience with 10-20+ years at the Managerial / Higher levels & are between 35-55 years of age with a demonstrated track record of excellence at work. Almost all of them are Strategic Thinkers & “deep divers” committed to Execution Excellence, with High levels of integrity, keen on broadening & deepening their Leadership Foundations to become world-class.

While LEAPEX is open to Executives regardless of their current Industry Focus / Functional Focus / Country of work, specifically those currently working in / aspiring to work in the following Industries & Geographies will find it very valuable. These are :-

Current Industry Working In / Aspiring to Work in :- Internet, E-Commerce, Technology Products, Technology Services, Technology Consulting, Analytics, Financial Technology ( FinTech ), Retail, CPG / FMCG, Consumer Electronics, Consumer Durables, Management Consulting, Telecom, Banking,  Financial Services, Insurance.

Current Working Geography /Aspiring to Work in :- India, United States, Canada, UK, Singapore, Germany, EU, Japan, Africa, Middle East, ANZ.

Why should you consider joining LeaderClasses Program for Executive Excellence (LEAPEX) ?

a) Do you know that < 5 % of Executives (CXO / Higher level) are truly excellent, delivering consistent out-performance & results, while being highly respected Leaders  in their Industries / Geographies  ?

These Leaders are highly valued by everyone & solicited at large nationally & internationally for High Impact,Transformative  Executive & Board level roles.

LeaderClasses Program for Executive Excellence is designed to help Good Leaders like you become  Great Leaders joining this elite Executive Network , by helping you gain Expert Insights, Strategic Guidance & World-Class Exposure to Executive Leadership Development & Executive Career Management best practices distilled from the Tacit Knowledge & Experience of world-class Executive, Board Level Leaders, Inspiring Thought Leaders & World-Class Executive Leadership Development Institutions.

b)  LeaderClasses Program for Executive Excellence helps you "learn wisely" - from the experience, mistakes & lives of others , without reinventing your wheel of success, gaining Experiential Insights" - Very valuable Tacit Knowledge distilled from the finest Executive Leaders & world-class institutions, without paying a heavy price with your Life , Health & Family Time as the price for your Career Propelling, Wealth Creation & Legacy Building efforts.

Thus, we help you, "learn wisely" & "learn what matters to advance your game to & at the Executive Level " in a structured, time-efficient manner, helping you add life to your years at work & years to your Executive Life, making our program priceless to you if you understand the value of your time ,the next decade of your professional life, are serious about continuing to excel in your career & willing to invest in your excellence with us.

Our unique, top quality, practical, actionable, program content detailed below will stand testimony to this.

c) LeaderClasses Program for Executive Excellence is not just another Executive Leadership Program - This is a unique, "Google Map" of sorts for your Executive Career Excellence & Executive Leadership Development , designed to provide you with all the inputs required to help you become a world class Executive / Board Level Leader & help you sculpt a success enabling ecosystem that elevates & propels your career to even greater heights..

Our focus is primarily on providing strategic inputs & content depth that goes much beyond what Executive Education Programs of any Top Tier B-School /  Executive Leadership Development Institutions , Online or Offline, provide.

Do read this page in detail to know more about how we can help you evolve to the next level(s) in your career & beyond careers, in your life.

Program Content

LeaderClasses Program For Executive Excellence (LEAPEX) is a “Continuous Learning” program with a deliberate design intent to incorporate an “Evolving Learning” format to reflect a highly dynamic future of business & rapidly evolving future of work, with program topics broadly clustered into Three primary areas :-

a) Executive Career Management.

b) Executive Leadership Development (Including Personal Mastery) &

c) Talent Management.

A representative list of topics you will learn about & experience in this program include:-

a) Secrets of the Masters of Career & Professional Excellence - How the world's best performing Executives & Business Leaders :-

b) Self Reflection & Self Awareness best practices to Evolve & Lead in a Career you love.

c) Reorienting your Mindset for Personal Mastery & Professional Excellence.

d) Understanding the Executive (CXO & above) Career Opportunities Ecosystem across Industries, Organizational Levels & Geographies.

e) Executive Career Inflection Points & How to navigate them seamlessly.

f) The Biggest Executive Career Mistakes most C-Suite Leaders make & How to avoid them.

g) Identifying Great Organizations to Grow & Lead – Insights to analyze Organizations & their Leaders - Going beyond Brand Equity, Public Imagery & Perceptions.

h) Executive Career Opportunity Identification Techniques - Lessons from the Masters – How to find the finest External & Internal Career Propelling Opportunities even when they are NOT advertised.

i) Interviewing Successfully – Insights from the Masters.

j) Managing Difficult & Unreliable People.

k) Executive Compensation Discussions & Wealth Creation Strategies – Best Practices for your long term success.

l) Executive Career Transitions – Best Practices & Expert Recommendations.

m) Hiring the “right” Leaders successfully – Executive Recruitment best practices for Excellence.

n) Building Relationships that Matter – Lessons from the Masters.

o) Building Executive Influence – Lessons from the Masters.

p) Building & Evolving an Executive Career Path – Experiential & Research Insights for Executive Excellence.

q) Building your Executive Success Enabling Ecosystem – Learning from the Masters.

r) How to avoid Executive Career Stagnation / Slow Career Growth & propel yourself out of them, if you are stuck in it - Lessons & Strategies from the Masters.

s) Neuroscience for Executives - Insights from the Masters.

t) Building Your Legacy – Lessons from the Masters.

As you can see, our content rich, unique, Career Excellence & Leadership Development Program for Executive Leaders helps you learn from the lives of some of the finest professionals & from the world’s best sources, most of which remain inaccessible to or expensive for, most people.

Via this program, we democratize access to excellence, helping ambitious Professionals like you excel in your career & beyond careers in your life, to lead a joyous, fulfilling life, by achieving your dreams & goals.

Most importantly, we help you learn “wisely” - from the lives of extraordinary people & world class research, without reinventing your wheel of success & without paying a very expensive price with your crucial phase of life.

This blend of World Class Exposure, Expert Insights & Structured Guidance, over time, will transform ambitious minds like you into highly respected Leaders, in addition to enabling your Career Excellence.

Our Approach

Our Extensive Research Led Program Construct – The “Secret Sauce” behind how we achieve our Program Goals.

To achieve our ambitious program goals, we leverage, Data, Information, Experience & Insights :-

a) Gained by us while having detailed & extensive telephonic conversations / in person meetings with 25000+ Top Class Senior Management & 12000+ Executive Level Leaders, strategically guiding & Learning from them in their Career Advancement, Wealth Creation, Leadership & Life Journeys while running multiple high end, super-specialist Retained Executive Search Consulting firms at Chennai, New York & San Francisco for 17+ years.

b) Gained by us while delivering highly rated Workshops / Seminars / Guest Lectures / Presentations on Strategic Career Management, Leadership Development & Entrepreneurship at 50+ Premier Institutes including several IIM’s, IIT’s, NIT’s & BITS-Pilani over the last 17+ years.

c) Shared by 1000+ Board & CXO Level Executives across America & Asia, in our conversations with them over the last 5 years, prior to launching LeaderClasses.

d) Harnessed via extensive research efforts by our team over the last 5 years from the World’s “ Best Sources ” in Leadership Development, Strategic Career Management, Talent Management, Executive Development & several other areas of strategic importance consistently proven over time to enable your Personal Mastery & whose understanding is crucial for your long term professional success.

These “best sources” include :-

a) Experiential Insights & Wisdom shared by World Leaders, Visionaries & Pioneers, Business Legends, Innovators, Thought Leaders, Distinguished Entrepreneurs & other Leaders Par Excellence.

b) Experiential Learnings & Life Lessons gained from extensive telephonic discussions & in person meetings with some of the best Board & CXO Level Executives across America & Asia, in our professional journey of 17+ years in India & the United States so far.

c) Research & Insights from Full Time & Executive Development Programs of the World’s pre-eminent universities like Harvard, Yale, MIT, INSEAD & Stanford.

d) Best Practices & Insights from High Potential (Hi-Po) & Executive Leadership Development Programs of Top Tier Organizations like Google, Amazon, Microsoft, McKinsey, Goldman Sachs, Unilever & GE .

Program Fees :- INR 100,000/-  ( INR One Lakh Only) + GST, per module.

Program Duration, Schedule & Format :- ~20-25 Hours per module @ 1-2 Hours per week, spread over 3 months, across live & pre-recorded classes with the live classes available on demand after the live sessions.

One Personal Session (~20 min) per module, for confidential discussions with our Founder CEO is included in this program.

Course Completion :- Upon successful completion of 4 Modules.

Total Time Investment Required From You :- ~80 to 100 Hours @ 1-2 Hours per week, spread over a year, across live & pre-recorded classes with the live classes available on demand after the live sessions.

Total Program Fees :- INR 400,000/- ( INR Four Lakhs Only ) + GST.

Access to Executive Career Opportunities ( Optional ) :- Available upon successful completion of 4 program modules. Additional Fees Apply. More details will be shared with you at an appropriate stage.

Program Presenter / Facilitator’s Profile

Learning Facilitator - Program Presenter’s Profile

Executive Biography Image of  S. Venkatesh, Founder & CEO, Awesome Firms (Owns LeaderClasses)

Executive Bio

S. Venkatesh

Founder & CEO, Awesome Firms (Owns LeaderClasses)

★ 20+ years at Work, 17+ years at Entrepreneurship across multiple ventures in the US ( SF+NY ) & Indian Markets.

★ 15+ years of Retained Executive Search Consulting experience in New York & India focused on Executive & Senior Management Level Talent Acquisition for positions offering an Annual Base Salary of over US $250K & its equivalent in the US, European & Asian Markets across a variety of Industries & Functions, with intimate knowledge of these market segments.

★ Personally successfully executed over 200 searches while having the privilege of directly/ indirectly partnering with, strategically guiding & learning from 25000+ Senior Management & 12000+ Executive Level leaders, while closely working with 35+ Top Tier Organizations across Sectors / Geographies / Markets at the Senior Management / Executive / Board Levels.

★ Deep understanding of our focus Industries & the needs / challenges of Innovative organizations & Top Tier professionals.

★ Trusted relationships & Privileged access earned with some of the finest Executives & Entrepreneurs in these Industries, across Geographies.

★ Have delivered highly rated Workshops / Guest Lectures / Presentations at 50+ premier Institutes including several IIM’s, IIT’s, NIT’s, BITS-Pilani, etc.

★ An Alumnus of IIM Lucknow (Full-Time, PGP, Class of 2001 ). IIM’s are equivalent of the Ivy League Business Schools in India.

Next Steps

Towards ensuring high program cohort quality, our programs are by invite only.

All the applications will be screened by us & all your information submitted via our forms will be manually authenticated by us.

Shortlisted applicants will be contacted with more details within 4 business days of submitting their application to us.

If needed, you will be contacted for clarifications, before approval of your sign-up.

We are looking forward to hearing from you & partnering with you in your journey to excellence, soon !

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