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This page receives 1000+ Student Visitors a week.  However, over 90% of them i.e > 900 Student Visitors a week, do NOT read this page fully.

Harvard calls them "Internet Tourists" - Website visitors who just superficially browse through various sites, but never get into the depth of things. Ultimately, they get nothing done.

The remaining 10% are the ones who understand that they are investing their most precious asset they can never recover back -  Their Time.

Hence, they make sure to get the maximum yield for their investment by really reading & understanding things by paying attention to detail & ultimately, "get things done without excuses".

Patience , Discipline,  Attention to Detail & a Mindset that "Gets things done without excuses" are key leadership traits required for & demonstrated by almost every successful leader across every sphere they excel in, across the world.

Are you already in this Top 10% ?


Do you want to be in this Top 10 % of your peers worldwide ?

If you are an ambitious Student  from ANY academic background ( MBA, Engineering, Commerce, Business, Economics, Arts & Sciences ) with big dreams to become a world-class Leader in any of the following streams :-

a) Business or Management ( With / Without an MBA from a Top Tier B-School within / outside India, aspiring to be a CEO, President or Managing Director in their Career ).

b) Technology ( With / Without an MBA / Ph.D / MS / ME / M.Tech / BE / B.Tech from a Top Tier College / University within / outside India, aspiring to be a CEO, CIO or CTO in their Career ).

c) Entrepreneurship ( Pioneering Startup Founders aspiring to be Distinguished Entrepreneurs ).

d) Civil Services ( Like aspiring IAS, IFS & IPS Officers ).

e) Armed Forces ( Like aspiring Army, Air Force & Naval Officers ),

wanting to make your Parents, others in your Family, your Friends, your College / University & probably our Country feel proud of you ( In the future ),

do READ this page FULLY paying attention to detail & "Get things done" by filling your Career Advancement & Leadership Development Scholarship Application Form swiftly, if you are excited by & understand the upside potential of what we are sculpting , on your career trajectory.

FYI, over 12000+ Students ( From various colleges including IIM's, IITs, NITs, BITS-Pilani, IIITs etc ) have reviewed this page & from 1200+ applications received so far, we have shortlisted 200+ of the best applicants & are interviewing them for our Scholarship this year.

Approximate Reading Time for detailed reading :-  ~ 5 - 7 minutes.

So who are we, what do we do & why should you know about us ?

About LeaderClasses

LeaderClasses, a pioneering IIM Alumni venture, is sculpting a unique  “Google Map” of sorts for your career that can take you from where you are today to where you want to be, in your areas of passion & focus, at the pace you choose to set for yourself, by helping you navigate the challenges of building an amazing career you love, while building a solid leadership foundation for you.

Leveraging the world’s best resources in 100+ topics of strategic importance to your success in diverse areas including Leadership Development, Strategic Career Management, Talent Development, etc we help ambitious Students & Working Professionals :-

a) Build a career they love.
b) Broaden, Deepen & Strengthen their leadership foundations.
c) Accelerate their career growth on the fast track to the C-Suite in a career path they love.
d) Earn Top Tier Compensation in India / USA / Singapore / HK / Europe, for the work they do.
e) Above all, beyond careers, lead a joyous & fulfilling life.

So What Is This Scholarship Program About & How Does It Help You ?

Career Advancement & Leadership Development Scholarships

LeaderClasses Career Advancement & Leadership Development Scholarships is a unique effort by LeaderClasses  to  identify ambitious Current Students ( Under Graduate / Post Graduate / Ph.D Level student across ANY academic stream in ANY year of study across MBA, Engineering  ( BE / B.Tech / ME / M.Tech / Ph.D ), CA, Commerce, Business, Economics, Arts & Sciences )

selected through an Online Evaluation process ( NO Application Fees )

Offer them Merit based Scholarships
Help them get World Class Exposure, Expert Career Building + Advancement Guidance & Strategic Insights  to analyse & access opportunities, at a level given at Universities like Stanford, Harvard, MIT or INSEAD.

i.e Gain the Crucial “Career Advancement & Leadership Development related Exposure & Mentorship” that ONLY their finest peers in the world studying at the world’s finest Universities currently get.

This “Exposure & Mentorship” is provided via “LeaderClasses Career Advancement & Leadership Development Summit” a One Day, High Impact, Offline Summit, to be held at multiple cities in India starting April 2020, at regular intervals.

Important Clarifications On Our Scholarships

I) We do NOT Offer Cash Scholarships But Offer Something MUCH MORE VALUABLE Than Cash.

If you are selected via our rigorous process, you gain FOUR Invaluable benefits much more valuable than Cash. These are :-

i) Hard to access, Expert Knowledge & Insights via our Summits & Workshops that can :-

a) Help you make the right career choices that can propel your career growth & advancement to Leadership levels.
b) Help you successfully navigate the complexities of building High Profile Corporate Careers.
c) Help you gain expert insights to access Career Opportunities much beyond Campus Placements.

As you can see, our key focus areas are :-

a) Not just helping you access job opportunities, but accessing the Top 1% opportunities that can propel your career to a "High Profile" Leadership role over time. (Think of Sundar Pichai, Satya Nadella, etc from the time they graduated).

b) Offering "Exposure" at a level ONLY your finest peers at Stanford, Harvard, MIT, etc are currently getting.

This is MUCH beyond what ANY college ( except the World's finest ones ) offers ANYWHERE in the world, helping you save your most precious resource - Your TIME & youthful phase of life !

ii) Recognition of your Excellence Potential at a National Level :-

If you are selected & offered a Scholarship (Across ALL scholarship Tiers) & you attend our Summits, we :-

a) Will share your details with the Deans, Directors, Principals, HOD's of over 50+ Top Tier colleges expecting to participate in our Program.

b) May shoot your Video (Select students) & host it on our site .

c) May share your Video (Select students) via Social Channels ( Facebook & Instagram Primarily )


a) Reach your College Leadership ( Directors, Deans, Principals, HOD's & Professors )

b) Reach College Leadership of other participating Colleges,

c) Your & Other College Students, Friends & possibly their Families & other students.

d) Several other Working Professionals & select C-Level Executives across Top Tier organizations will also see your Videos (Shared by us).

Simply put, we help differentiate your candidacy & build your Personal Brand - Very valuable if you can understand the upside potential of this on your Higher Education pursuits & ultimately on your career !

Much, much more valuable than Certificates or Cash.

iii) An opportunity to build a Network of High Quality Peers Pan India - Extremely ambitious, Committed to excellence in their careers & beyond careers, in their life !

Just imagine what is possible if the most ambitious & capable Students across States / At a national level are aggregated - How valuable would relationships be ? How effective would networking be ?

Aren't these amongst the "Peer Networking Experiences" that the world's finest universities like Harvard, Stanford, MIT, INSEAD, etc regularly rave about ?

LeaderClasses provides this unique opportunity that stems from exceptional curation - At an order of magnitude not seen as yet in India.

iv) An opportunity to be a part of our "Inner Circle" of Student Leaders - Our Student Leaders Cabinet.

We are working on very interesting areas driving multiple strategic initiatives that involve bringing together exceptional students & providing them a unique platform that enriches their Career Paths while contributing actively to improving the Educational Ecosystem & Student Transformation Process, Pan-India.

Being a part of our "Inner-Circle of Students" provides unique opportunities including :-

a) Amazing Learning Experience to drive strategic initiatives.
b) An opportunity to network with C-Level Leaders, Distinguished Entrepreneurs & Thought Leaders across various Industries & Functions within & outside India.

ONLY Students who have been offered our "Scholarships" & attend our Summits, will be eligible to apply for our "Student Leaders Cabinet"

More details on this will be shared in our Student Summits with interested students.

II. Scholarship Tiers

Via various Online & Offline Channels, we expect to reach over 200,000 students across ALL academic backgrounds.

From this, based on the assessment process outlined above, we expect to  shortlist ~50 Students at Three Scholarship Tiers outlined below :-

Tier I     : 75% Scholarship.
Tier II  : 60% Scholarship
Tier III : 40% Scholarship

As you can see,NOT everyone gets the same Scholarship.

The Maximum Scholarship Offered is 75% Scholarship i.e 75% Waiver on our normal summit fees (INR 20000/- per day per Summit)

i.e Those offered a 75% Scholarship will need to pay INR 5000/- (INR Five Thousand Only) to attend our Summit.

Our 2 Hour Mini - Workshops exclusively open ONLY to those offered our Scholarship, is a Paid Workshop accessible at a Fee of INR 750/- ( INR Seven Hundred & Fifty Only) per student.

III. While Workshops may happen various At cities across India, Student Summits are expected to happen in Bangalore Only.

Our Scholarship does NOT cover your Stay / Travel / Any Other Expenses.

You are expected to make your own arrangements at your expense to attend the Summit.

As you can see, we are building a very high quality program targeting ambitious minds with excellence potential willing to invest time, effort & financial resources towards their success.

Hence, to take this further, you will need to decide clearly on the following :-

a) If you are selected, are you willing to invest between INR 5000/- - INR 12000/- towards attending an exclusive , high impact, unique program that can accelerate your success ?

b) Are you willing to travel to & stay at Bangalore at your expense to attend our One Day summit ?

As this involves a Financial Decision and/or a Travel Decision to attend our summit, if you feel the need to do so, discuss this with your Parents, etc & take a decision.

Decisiveness & Swiftness of action are key leadership traits !

 If you have decided to progress, you may be person we are looking to invite to join our exceptional community of ambitious students committed to investing in their excellence.

What Are The Assessment & Evaluation parameters
For Scholarship Applications ?

The selection process is designed to identify & evaluate potential members, comprehensively on multiple parameters including :-
I. Assessment of Future Potential

Ambition + Willingness to work hard

Ambition levels & the Willingness to work hard & strategically for several years by investing adequate time, effort & resources to develop themselves to achieve their goals.


Intellectual Humility & the Openness to perpetually learn, un-learn & re-learn to excel in their career journey.

Self Awareness

Assessed on multiple dimensions.

Analytical Skills

with the ability to see the “BIG” picture whenever needed.

Interpersonal Competencies

The ability to build Relationships, Influence & Trust.


The ability to take well thought through decisions swiftly & honour them in letter & spirit.
II. Evaluation of past track record

Demonstrated Excellence

In Academics, Extra - Curriculars & Co-Curriculars at School & College.


Leadership Roles & Responsibilities Held at School & College.

Self Development Efforts

Actual efforts invested at College / University so far in developing oneself including Initiatives undertaken, Projects Worked On, Internships Completed, Research Papers submitted, Blogs / Magazines / Books read, Extra-Courses completed, Workshops / Conferences attended, etc in their areas of passion & focus.

Kindly note that while we value & respect academic excellence & believe that it strongly reflects the ability of a person to work hard & excel, our assessment goes much beyond this metric & evaluates our potential members on ALL the above said parameters to arrive at a decision of offering them our Scholarship.

The goal of the program is to select a group of highly talented, ambitious members & facilitate their strategic mentorship to evolve them on the fast track to excellence in their areas of passion & focus, by catalyzing their structured growth.

Given this goal, we believe that our assessment should not be just on past track record, but at least equally, if not more, on future potential, as potential program participants are young minds with a great advantage of time / youth on their side & hence can achieve literally anything, if given the right guidance, mentorship & support.

LeaderClasses looks forward to providing this fresh approach to building awesome leaders. 

Depending on the quality of your application form ( Profile + Quality of your response(s) to our queries ), if your application is shortlisted, you will be granted a Scholarship Tier.
What happens after I submit my Scholarship Application ?

Step I :- Within 5 Business Days of submission of your application, if your application is being considered for a “Shortlist” to the next round , you will receive an email and / or call from our Talent Curation & Admissions Team representative to :- 

a) Seek clarifications on your application ( If needed ).
b) Set clear expectations on what this program is & is not.
c) Address / Clarify any queries you may have.
d) Ask you to authenticate your credentials. ( Submit proof of your Academic, Extra-Curricular, Co-Curricular, Internship(s) and / or Work Experience related credentials ). 

Step II :- If you are shortlisted from Step I, you will be invited to submit a detailed Online Scholarship Application form.

Step III :- Upon review of your detailed online Application form, if you are Shortlisted to the next round, your “Scholarship Tier”, along with next steps will be communicated to you one on one, telephonically.

Step IV :- If you are offered a “Scholarship Tier” & you are interested in attending our Summit(s), you will be invited to attend our 2–Hour, Mini Workshop titled “Introduction to Strategic Career Management”, with our Founder CEO, to be held at various cities across India.

This Two Hour Mini Workshop is designed to give you an overview of :-

a) What “Strategic Career Management” is & How it can help propel your “Career Advancement”.

b) How LeaderClasses Research & Research construct led Summits can help you Advance your Career while broadening, deepening & strengthening your leadership foundations

& also address any queries you may have About us / Our Research / Our Summits, in person with our Founder CEO.

Fee for attending Our 2 Hour Mini - Workshops :-
Exclusively open ONLY to those offered our Scholarships our 2 hour mini - workshops are Paid Workshops accessible at a Fee of INR 750/- ( INR Seven Hundred & Fifty Only) per student.

Days & Locations :-
Various Sundays In April 2020 @ various cities across India.

Step V :-
At the end of the Mini-Workshop, if you would like to take this further & be a part of our network of passionate, active learners & learning leaders, you should apply for an invitation to join the summit by paying your Summit Fees ( Based on your Scholarship Tier ).

More details on this will be shared by our Talent Curation & Admissions Team representative, in his / her call with you.


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