Career Advancement & Leadership Development
Scholarship Applications - Student Clarifications

Hi !

Firstly, thanks for applying to our Career Advancement & Leadership Development Scholarships 2020, designed to identify & guide ambitious students like you on their path to excellence.

Kindly review this page IN DETAIL as what we are sculpting at LeaderClasses is globally unique & can potentially change your life !

To give you a quick update, in Feb 2020, we have reached 10000+ Engineering & MBA students across select Premier Colleges & Universities including IIMs, IITs, NITs & select Top Tier Colleges / Universities in several states.

Of these, 3000+ students have checked our website & ~1000 students have submitted their Online Application Form, including some exceptional submissions.

We are considering the best 200 applicants from this applicant pool & reaching out to them via mail.

Glad to inform you that you are amongst this elite group of 200 students shortlisted so far !

Over the next few rounds we expect to refine this group to the best 10-20 students, who are able to meet our high bar.

Based on the feedback we have received, we also expect to evolve to the next stage of our outreach via Social Media Channels to reach a broader set of our target audience. Thus our Application Deadline will be extended to include our Social Media Outreach Applicants.

Based on a detailed review of applicant responses received to our Application Form queries, we also believe that there are SEVERAL misconceptions about LeaderClasses & our Scholarship 2020.

We would like to clarify ALL of them before progressing. Hence kindly review this page THOROUGHLY.

Our Clarifications

I) We do NOT offer Cash Scholarships but offer something MUCH MORE VALUABLE than Cash for Students who have the maturity to understand the value of our offering. 

If you are selected via our rigorous process, you gain FOUR Invaluable benefits much more valuable than Cash. These are :-

i) Hard to access, Expert Knowledge & Insights via our Summits & Workshops that can :-

As you can see, our key focus areas are :-

a) Not just helping you access job opportunities, but accessing the Top 1% opportunities that can propel your career to a "High Profile" Leadership role over time. (Think of Sundar Pichai, Satya Nadella, etc from the time they graduated).

b) Offering "Exposure" at a level ONLY your finest peers at Stanford, Harvard, MIT, etc are currently getting.

This is MUCH beyond what ANY college offers ANYWHERE in the world, except the World's finest ones, helping you save your most precious resource - Your TIME & youthful phase of life !

ii) Recognition of your Excellence Potential at a National Level :-

If you are selected & offered a Scholarship (Across ALL scholarship Tiers) & you attend our Summits, we :-

a) Will share your details with the Deans, Directors, Principals, HOD's of over 50+ Top Tier colleges expecting to participate in our Program.

b) May shoot your Video (Select students) & host it on our site .

c) May share your Video (Select students) via Social Channels ( Facebook & Instagram Primarily )


a) Reach your College Leadership ( Directors, Deans, Principals,HOD's & Professors )

b) Reach College Leadership of other participating Colleges,

c) Your & Other College Students, Friends & possibly their Families & other students.

d) Several other Working Professionals & select C-Level Executives across Top Tier organizations will also see your Videos (Shared by us).

Simply put, we help differentiate your candidacy & build your Personal Brand - Very valuable if you can understand the upside potential of this on your Higher Education pursuits & ultimately on your career !

Much, much more valuable than Certificates or Cash.

iii) An opportunity to build a Network of High Quality Peers Pan India - Extremely ambitious, Committed to excellence in their careers & beyond careers in their life !

Just imagine what is possible if the most ambitious & capable Students across States / At a national level are aggregated - How valuable would relationships be ? How effective would networking be ?

Aren't these amongst the "Peer Networking Experiences" that the world's finest universities like Harvard, Stanford, MIT, INSEAD, etc regularly rave about ?

LeaderClasses provides this unique opportunity that stems from exceptional curation - At an order of magnitude not seen as yet in India.

iv) An opportunity to be a part of our "Inner Circle" of Student Leaders - Our Student Leaders Cabinet.

We are working on very interesting areas driving multiple strategic initiatives that involve bringing together exceptional students & providing them a unique platform that enriches their Career Paths while contributing actively to improving the Educational Ecosystem & Student Transformation Process, Pan-India.

Being a part of our "Inner-Circle of Students" provides unique opportunities including :-

a) Amazing Learning Experience to drive strategic initiatives.
b) An opportunity to network with C-Level Leaders, Distinguished Entrepreneurs & Thought Leaders across various Industries & Functions within & outside India.

ONLY Students who have been offered our "Scholarships" & attend our Summits, will be eligible to apply for our "Student Leaders Cabinet"

More details on this will be shared in our Student Summits with interested students.

II. There are "Scholarship Tiers" & NOT everyone gets a 100 % Scholarship.

As mentioned in our Web Page clearly, we have Five Scholarship Tiers outlined below :-

Tier I   : 100% Scholarship
Tier II  : 90% Scholarship
Tier III : 75% Scholarship
Tier IV : 60% Scholarship
Tier V : 40% Scholarship

Our "Scholarship" offers a Waiver on our Summit Fees (Which is INR 20000/- for a 8-Hour Summit).

~50 Student Pan-India across ALL academic backgrounds ( MBA / BE / B.Tech / ME / MTech / Ph.D / Commerce / Economics / Business / Arts / Science / Chartered Accountancy, etc ) will receive a Full waiver i.e 100% Scholarship.

The others (~50 other students) stand to receive a scholarship at a level below 100%. 

Do note that Applicants so far include Students with :- 

a) Excellent Academic Credentials (CAT Scores >=99.9 percentile,  AIR JEE Advanced
b) Excellent Extra-Curricular & Co-Curricular Accomplishments.
c) Amazingly Filled Application Forms.

As illustrated clearly on our site, those who receive a 100% Scholarship will receive a Free Invitation to our Summit(s) & those at 40% Scholarship Tier will need to pay INR 12,000 /- (INR Twelve Thousand Only) to attend our Summit.

III. While Workshops may happen at Bangalore, Mumbai & Delhi, Student Summits are expected to happen in Bangalore Only.

Our Scholarship does NOT cover your Stay / Travel / Any Other Expenses.

You are expected to make your own arrangements at your expense to attend the Summit.

While most of this is clarified in detail on our site & many of you had already written to us seeking these clarifications before applying, we believe it is important to share this for the benefit of those who have not reviewed these details on our site thoroughly or have not sought clarifications from us so far.

In this context, before taking this further, would like to have your clear responses to the following questions:-

a) If you are NOT being offered a 100 % Scholarship Tier, would you still like to be considered for the other Scholarship Tiers ?  

If you want to be considered ONLY if you get a 100 % Scholarship Tier, you can let us know by saying "Kindly consider me ONLY for a 100% Scholarship Tier".

If you are being considered for a 100% scholarship tier, we will be glad to let you know the same.

However, kindly note that if you are NOT being considered for a 100% Scholarship, this would mean that you will NOT be shortlisted for the next rounds. This decision once communicated by you is irrevocable.

You should respond with an affirmative, "Yes, Do consider Me for ALL scholarship Tiers" if you appreciate the value of our program & are willing to invest time, effort & money towards the same.

The quantum of the investment (i.e Fees to be paid by you) will be determined by your performance in the subsequent rounds, ultimately determining your scholarship tier, if you qualify the next round(s).

b) Will you be open to travelling / staying at your expense to attend our Summit at Bangalore ?

Our Summits expect your attendance in person for a day (8 hours) at Bangalore & as mentioned earlier, our scholarship ( Even a 100% ) does not cover your cost of attending the summit (Travel and/or Stay or any other expenses).

You should reply affirmatively if & only if you understand the value of our Summits & are truly committed to attending our Summits at your expense.

Whatever your decision,  kindly confirm ONLY after thinking about this in detail discussing this with your Parents, etc if you feel the need to do so, as this involves a Financial Decision and/or a Travel Decision to attend our summit.

Kindly confirm your decision by responding to the email within the next Three days.

Should we not hear from you within the next three days, we will be constrained to assume that you are no longer interested & do the needful.

Upon receipt of your response, will let you know if you are shortlisted for the next round(s) & if shortlisted, will be glad to have a detailed telephonic conversation with you to :-

a) Understand more about you.
b) Seek clarifications on your application (if needed).
c) Set clear expectation about what this program is/is not.
d) Address your queries / Clarify any doubts you may have.
e) Authenticate your credentials.

We look forward to seeing you join your finest peers & progress in your journey to excellence !

Looking forward to hearing from you soon,

Best regards
Team - LeaderClasses