Budding Leaders Contest,
& Foundation Program 2020

Program Context

Ambitious Students with BIG Dreams exist across Universities / Colleges. 

However the Quality of Practical Exposure, Strategic Guidance & the access to Expert Insights the finest students get at the World’s best Universities like Stanford, Harvard & MIT are Orders of Magnitude higher than what most other ambitious students are able to get at most of the other Universities (Including IIT’s, NITs, BITS-Pilani, etc).

This combination of Exceptional Exposure & Expert Guidance creates a Competitive Advantage providing unique, unassailable benefits & a virtuous growth spiral propelling participant success.

Imagine what can happen to your career if you can access this Exceptional practical Exposure, Expert Guidance & Structured Mentorship you would have received if you had an opportunity to be amongst the finest students studying at premier Universities like Harvard, Stanford, MIT, Carnegie Mellon, UPenn, etc.

Imagine what can happen to your Career if you had an opportunity to Learn from the Experiences & Mistakes of some of the finest Entrepreneurs, Business / Technology / Engineering Leaders & architect your own future by “Modeling these Masters”.

For example, if you are ambitious & you get to know how Warren Buffett / Jeff Bezos / Elon Musk / Ratan Tata / Satya Nadella / Sundar Pichai developed themselves to build their Careers / Businesses from the time they were in College, wouldn’t this be invaluable ? 

Wouldn’t you Aim Higher in your Careers & Life more confident of your eventual success ?

Wouldn’t this Strategic Counsel & Expert Guidance significantly enhance your probability of becoming a world class Business / Technology / Engineering Leader ?

Wouldn’t this be Priceless ? 

LeaderClasses Budding Leaders Foundation Program is being sculpted to accomplish this. 

In essence, this unique program aims to be a “Google Map” of sorts for your career that can take you from where you are today to where you want to be, in your areas of passion & focus, at the pace you choose to set for yourself, by helping you navigate the challenges of building an amazing career you love, while building a solid leadership foundation for you.

Admission to this unique program is exclusive & ONLY for ambitious minds with career excellence & leadership potential, selected through our “ Budding Leaders Contest 2020 ”.

Budding Leaders Contest & Scholarships 2020

LeaderClasses Budding Leaders Contest 2020 is a rigorous, multi-tier, international level selection process that uses proven leadership potential & career excellence assessment models tested worldwide, to :-

Simply put, we strive to help you get the Exposure, Expert Guidance & Structured Mentorship you would have received if you had an opportunity to be amongst the finest students studying at premier Universities like Harvard, Stanford, MIT, Carnegie Mellon, UPenn, etc via this program.

The program focus is on providing you this Exposure, Expert Guidance & Structured Mentorship, via an Online Program (Videos + Text based learning + Practical Tasks / Assignments to internalize learning) + Offline Events (Conferences, Seminars, Workshops, etc Once / Twice a year), on several topics of strategic importance research has proven to be crucial determinants of your long term success.

Who can apply ?

Regardless of your academic background or your Country of residence, if you are a Student/ Working professional born between 1st Jan 1999 to 1st Jan 2004, specifically aspiring to achieve one/more of the following goals :-

  • Aim to be a World Class Business / Technology / Engineering Leader in the future.
  • Aim to secure admission into a Top Tier Business School in India (Like IIM / XLRI / ISB / SPJIMR / FMS, etc) and / or USA / Europe / Singapore (Like HBS / Stanford / GSB / MIT Sloan / Wharton / INSEAD / LBS / NUS etc) for your MBA.
  • Aim to secure admission into a Top Tier Technology University in India (Like IISc / IIT) and/or in USA (Like Stanford, MIT, UPenn, Carnegie Mellon, UCB, etc) or Germany (Like TUM, LMU, Aachen etc).
  • Aim to work at world class Technology Organizations (Like Google, Amazon, Apple, Microsoft,Facebook, Walmart Labs etc) or Technology Divisions of F500 Organizations (Like Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, etc).
  • Aim to work at world class Business Organizations (Like Unilever, P&G, McKinsey, Big4, Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, Citibank, etc).
  • Aim to work at world class Startups and/or create your own venture in the future.

  • Have the Intellectual Humility & the Openness required for life-long, active learning.
  • Are willing to invest time, effort & money to develop yourself to the next level(s).
  • Are ambitious, with a Growth Mindset & are willing to persevere for atleast a decade, to achieve your goals.
  • Are decisive, demonstrating the willingness to swiftly move ahead, without wasting time & your youthful phase of life.

you are eligible for & invited to apply. 

If you were born before 1st Jan 1999, you can apply for our other programs, detailed “here”.

Budding Leaders Contest & Scholarship 2020 Related FAQ

Budding Leaders Contest & Scholarship 2020 Related FAQ

Fee Related FAQ

More Questions / Enquiries

I have more queries & would like to connect with you in this regard. How can I do this ?

Sure. Do write to us via our “ Enquiry Form" & we will get back to you as soon as we can.

I am Interested. How can I apply ?

Good to see you here ! Decisiveness & Swiftness of action are key leadership traits !

Apply via this “Preliminary Application Form” & get started right away ! 

Our best wishes to you !

Talent Curation & Admissions Team.

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