Budding Leaders Program

Program Context

LeaderClasses Budding Leaders Program is a unique, Career Acceleration & Leadership Development program, serving as “Google Map” of sorts for your career that can take you from where you are today to where you want to be, at the pace you choose to set for yourself, by helping you navigate the challenges of building an amazing career you love, while building a solid leadership foundation for you.

Imagine what can happen to your Career if you had an opportunity to get the same Quality of Practical Exposure, Strategic Guidance & the access to Expert Insights your finest peers are currently getting after graduating from the World’s best Universities like Stanford, Harvard & MIT. 

Imagine what can happen to your Career if you had an opportunity to learn HOW some of the world’s finest Corporate Business & Technology
Leaders like Satya Nadella, Sundar Pichai et al. built their Careers from the time they graduated from College.

Imagine what can happen to your Career if you had an opportunity to gain hard to access, information overview on the matrix of career opportunities & the evolution of career paths across a plethora of Industry Clusters & Functional Specialities that eventually hire over 95% of the students evolving into Corporate Business & Technology Leaders, across the world. 

Imagine what can happen to your Career if you had an opportunity to Learn from the Experience & Mistakes of some of the finest Entrepreneurs / Business / Technology / Engineering / Societal Leaders & architect your own future by “Modeling these Masters”.

Wouldn’t you Aim Higher in your Careers & Life more confident of your eventual success ?

Wouldn’t this Strategic Counsel & Expert Guidance significantly enhance your probability of becoming a world class Business / Technology / Engineering Leader ?

 Wouldn’t this be Priceless ?

"LeaderClasses Budding Leaders Foundation Program" is being sculpted to accomplish this.

Program Objectives

The program focus is on providing you Exceptional Exposure, Expert Guidance & Structured Mentorship, via an Online Program (Videos + Text based learning +Practical Tasks / Assignments to internalize learning) + Offline Events (Conferences, Seminars, Workshops etc Once / Twice a year), on several topics of strategic importance research has proven to be crucial determinants of your long term success. 

In essence, this program provides you access to specialist knowledge, strategic insights & expert mentorship that catalyzes your structured growth.

How Do We Achieve This ?

LeaderClasses leverages :-

a) Our Founder CEO’s experience of 20+ years in running multiple ventures at Chennai, India, New  York  USA & San Francisco, USA, after graduating from the Full Time, Post Graduate Program in Management from the Class of 2001, IIM Lucknow.

b) Our Founder CEO’s experience of being a Retained Executive Recruiter for 15+ years, strategically partnering with 35+ Top Tier Organizations (Including 15 of the Fortune 500) helping them access &successfully hire some of the finest Senior Management & Executive Level Leaders at the C-Suite & beyond, typically for roles offering an Annual Gross Compensation of  > INR 2.5 Crores p.a in India and  > US $500k p.a in the United States, in the process strategically guiding & learning from detailed executive career progression & strategic career management conversations with 10000+ professionals from India, Singapore, HK, USA & Europe at these levels.

C) Our extensive access to some of the world’s finest resources in the areas of Talent Management, Leadership Development & Strategic Career Management.

d) Our extensive access to & intimate understanding of 2000+ of the world’s finest Organizations of diverse sizes, at a highly granular level – With detailed understanding of their Organization Culture,  Growth propelling roles, Compensation Levels & Career Progression Assessment Models – Across Industries, Functions & Geographies.

e) The Insights, Experience & Wisdom of 500+ of the world’s finest Pioneers, Visionaries, Business Legends, Futurists, Distinguished Entrepreneurs, Chairpersons & CEOs, Thought Leaders, Investors, Eminent Professors, etc distilled from various sources including Books, Magazines, Journals, Articles, Podcasts, Videos, Blogs, etc from Online & Offline Media,

to make this possible.

Who Can Apply ?

You should apply, if you  :-
a) Are Ambitious & between 21-35 years of age (Born between 1st Jan 1985 to 31st Dec 1998).
b) Have the Intellectual Humility & the Openness required for lifelong, active learning.
c) Are willing to invest time, effort & money to develop yourself to the next level(s).
d) Have a Growth Mindset & are willing to persevere for at least a decade, to achieve your goals.
e) Are decisive, demonstrating the willingness to swiftly move ahead, without wasting time & your youthful phase of life.


f) Are keen building  your career in  Business and/or Technology roles  in India / USA / Europe / Singapore & are currently at :-

Aiming to reach the  :-

C-Suite Roles (C-Level roles) are roles at the “Chief” Level & include :-

Annual Gross Compensation for Senior Management Level Roles (India/USA figures mapped).

Budding Leaders Foundation Program FAQ

I am Interested / I have more queries…How can I apply / reach you ?

Do submit your “Enquiry / Interest”  “Here”, so that our Talent Curation & Admissions Team representative can connect with you to take this further. 

We look forward to hearing from & talking to you soon ! 

Our best wishes to you !  

Talent Curation & Admissions Team - LeaderClasses.

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