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Sun, 19th April 2020
Sun, 24th May 2020

About LeaderClasses

LeaderClasses, a pioneering IIM Alumni venture, is sculpting a unique  “Google Map” of sorts for your career that can take you from where you are today to where you want to be, in your areas of passion & focus, at the pace you choose to set for yourself, by helping you navigate the challenges of building an amazing career you love, while building a solid leadership foundation for you.

Leveraging the world’s best resources in 100+ topics of strategic importance to your success in diverse areas including Leadership Development, Strategic Career Management, Talent Development, etc we help ambitious Students & Working Professionals :-

a) Build a career they love.
b) Broaden, Deepen & Strengthen their leadership foundations.
c) Accelerate their career growth on the fast track to the C-Suite in a career path they love.
d) Earn Top Tier Compensation in India / USA /Singapore / HK / Europe, for the work they do.
e) Above all, beyond careers, lead a joyous & fulfilling life.

About this Summit

In Eight Hours ( One Day ), Leader Classes Career Advancement & Leadership Development Summit aims to share proven, practical techniques regularly used ( Since they started their Careers ) by highly successful Board & CEO Level professionals in India & the United States to Grow & Advance their Careers.

Specifically, you will :-

a) Learn How to build a Highly rewarding Corporate / Startup Career  that can take you to the C-Level - Learn how currently successful Corporate CEOs ( Like Satya Nadella, Sundar Pichai et al.. ), actually built themselves ( Their Leadership Foundations )  &  their careers ( Their Profile, Career Growth Trajectories, etc ).

b) Learn How to get 30%-100% increase in your Compensation Year on Year in India / USA - Learn how select professionals ( “Industry Fast Trackers” ) manage to get a 30%-100% increase in their Compensation Year on Year, along with a promotion almost once every two years.

c) Learn Internal / External Career Opportunity Identification Techniques that deliver results :- Learn how the finest professionals Identify & Capitalize on Career Opportunities within & outside their organizations, even when they are NOT advertised.

The Specialist & Strategic Insights you gain from this Summit :-

a) Will help you learn what you SHOULD do to identify & access highly rewarding Career Opportunities within / outside your current / target organizations.

b) Will help you learn what you SHOULD do to get a 30%-100% increase in your compensation year on year at your Current / Future Employer.

c) Will help you re-orient your mindset to manage your career Strategically.

Who Can attend ?

a) Students selected nationally & offered our “Career Advancement & Leadership Development Scholarships 2020”. If you are a current Student & have not yet applied for our Scholarships that select & reward ambitious minds to excel in their careers ( For Free ), “Know more & Apply.


b) Ambitious Working professionals ( Across any Industry, Function & Organization level ) 

demonstrating :-

a) The Intellectual Humility & the Openness to learn from the world’s finest Business Leaders & resources in the areas of Strategic Career Management, Talent Management, Leadership Development, etc.

b) Keenness to Build / Advance his / her career in India / USA, across Startups / Large Organizations / Fortune 2000 by catalyzing their structured growth,

c) Eagerness to earn Top Tier Compensation for the work they do,

are invited to apply & attend our Summit.

How do we make this possible ?

LeaderClasses leverages :- 

a) Our Founder CEO’s experience of 20+ years in running multiple Executive Search Consulting Organizations & Internet Businesses at Chennai, India, New York, USA & San Francisco, USA, after graduating from the Full Time, Post Graduate Program in Management from the Class of 2001, IIM Lucknow.

b) Our Founder CEO’s experience of being a Retained Executive Recruiter for 15+ years, strategically partnering with 35+ Top Tier Organizations ( Including 15 of the Fortune 500 ) helping them access & successfully hire some of the finest Senior Management & Executive Level Leaders at the C-Suite & beyond, typically for roles offering an Annual Gross Compensation of  > INR 2.5 Crores p.a in India and  > US $500k p.a in the United States, in the process strategically guiding & learning from detailed executive career progression & strategic career management conversations with 10000+ professionals from India, Singapore, HK, USA & Europe at these levels.

c) Our extensive access to some of the world’s finest resources in the areas of Talent Management, Leadership Development & Strategic Career Management.

d) Our intimate understanding of 2000+ of the world’s finest Organizations of diverse sizes, at a highly granular level – With detailed understanding of their Organization Culture, Growth propelling roles, Compensation Levels & Career Progression Assessment Models – Across Industries, Functions & Geographies.

e) The Insights, Experience & Wisdom of 500+ of the world’s finest Pioneers, Visionaries, Business Legends, Futurists, Distinguished Entrepreneurs, Chairpersons & CEOs, Thought Leaders, Investors, Eminent Professors, etc distilled from various sources including Books, Magazines, Journals, Articles,  Podcasts, Videos, Blogs, etc from Online & Offline Media,  

to make this possible.

Speaker’s Profile

image of Ram Gopal, Chief Executive Officer, Barclays India, LinkedIn Profile URL In LeaderClasses

Executive Bio of  S. Venkatesh, Founder & CEO, Awesome Firms ( Owns LeaderClasses ) :- ​

★ 20+ years at Work, 17+ years at Entrepreneurship across multiple ventures in the US ( SF+NY ) & Indian Markets.
★ 15+ years of Retained Executive Search Consulting experience in New York & India focused on Executive & Senior Management Level Talent Acquisition for positions offering an Annual Base Salary of over US $250K & its equivalent in the US, European & Asian Markets across a variety of Industries & Functions, with intimate knowledge of these market segments.
★ Personally successfully executed over 200 searches while having the privilege of directly / indirectly partnering with, strategically guiding & learning from 25000+ Senior Management & 12000+ Executive Level leaders, while closely working with 35+Top Tier Organizations across Sectors / Geographies / Markets at the Senior Management / Executive / Board Levels.
★ Deep understanding of our focus Industries & the needs / challenges of Innovative organizations & Top Tier professionals.
★ Trusted relationships & Privileged access earned with some of the finest Executives & Entrepreneurs in these Industries, across Geographies.
★ Have delivered highly rated Workshops / Guest Lectures / Presentations at 50+ premier Institutes including several IIM’s, IIT’s, NIT’s, BITS-Pilani, etc.
★ An Alumnus of IIM Lucknow ( Full-Time, PGP, Class of 2001 ). IIM’s are equivalent of the Ivy League Business Schools in India. ( Linkedin Profile ).

Summit Calender

To Be Announced Soon

The exact venue for the Summit will be shared with the confirmed attendees closer to the Summit date.

Coming Soon


8:30 - 9:00
Registration & Informal Networking.
9:00 - 9:15
Inaugural & Orientation.

9:15 - 11:45
Topic I :- How to identify & access exceptional Career Opportunity within & outside your Current / Targeted organization in India / USA / Singapore ?
11:45 - 12:45
Lunch & Informal Networking.

12:45 - 3:00
Topic II :- How to build a Highly rewarding Corporate / Startup Career  that can take you to the C-Level ?
3:00 - 3:15
3:15 - 4:15
Topic III :- How to get 30%-100% increase in your Compensation Year on Year in India / USA ?
4:15 - 4:30
Recap & Summary.
4:30 - 5:00
Feedback & Attendee Interviews.
*Subject to change if needed

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Attend our 2-Hour, Pre-Summit, Mini-Workshop
“ Introduction to Strategic Career Management”
To Know More About

a) What “Strategic Career Management “ is & How it can help propel your “Career Advancement”.

b) How LeaderClasses Research & Research construct led Summits can help you Advance your Career while broadening, deepening & strengthening your leadership foundations

& also address any queries you may have About us / Our Research / Our Summits, in person with our Founder CEO.

Days & Locations - Various Sundays In March 2020 @ Chennai, Bangalore & Coimbatore.

Will be in many More cities starting April 2020.

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a) Upfront payment to us in Indian Rupees. Non-Refundable, Non-Transferable, Non-Adjustable for anything else.
b) Invoicing Facility:- Available on request.
c) Fee Includes :- Fees for attending the Summit, with Lunch ( Summit ) & Light Refreshments ( Workshop ) on event dates.
d) Fee Excludes:-
Travel ( Air Tickets, Local Transport etc ), Accommodation / Hotel Stay , Visa Processing charges + Any other expense you may incur to attend the event.

We look forward to hearing from & meeting you soon !
Team LeaderClasses

Working Professionals & Professionals looking to restart their careers

(Normal Summit Fees –INR 20000/- (INR
Twenty Thousand Only - Inclusive of All Taxes)) 

Current Offer - Super Early Bird Offer (Expires soon ! ) 
(INR Seven Thousand Five Hundred Only - Inclusive of All Taxes) 

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Students / Recent Graduates who are not yet working

Fee based on your performance scholarship tier gained in “Career Advancement & Leadership Development Scholarships 2020 ”.

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