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LeaderClasses –  Pro-Bono Student Workshop Series

“Introduction to Strategic Career Management for aspiring Dollar Millionaires & Future Leaders in Business / Technology / Core Engineering”

Are you an ambitious Student / Working Professional: aspiring to make your Parents / Family / College & maybe even our Country feel proud about you one day ?

Do you have the Energy & Passion within you to be a Dollar Millionaire & more importantly, a Future Leader in Business / Technology / Core Engineering, Within / Outside India  ?

If you are willing to aim high & work hard to achieve this, review this page in detail,
This can change your LIFE !!!

Incase you have not reviewed our "Home" , "About" & "FAQ"pages already, we recommend you do the same before progressing

As you can see, LeaderClasses an IIM Alumni Venture, harnesses the world's best Strategic Career Management & Leadership Development resources to help ambitious Students & Working Professionals, transition on the fast-track to :-

Senior Management Level

Age (Years) Senior Management Level AGC( Annual Gross Compensation)  / CTC (Cost To Company)
30 < Age <50 In India INR 1 Crore p.a < AGC < INR 6 Crores p.a
In USA USD 500K  p.a  <  AGC < USD 5 Million p.a

Aspiring To Progress to executive level

Age (Years) Executive Level AGC( Annual Gross Compensation)  / CTC (Cost To Company)
50 < Age <60 In India AGC > INR 6 Crores p.a
In USA AGC > USD 5 Million p.a

In any of the following Geographies

India United States Singapore Germany
Canada Japan Hong Kong EMEA

Across any of the following Leadership Roles :-

Leadership Roles
Business Leadership
Technology Leadership
Engineering Leadership

While building fulfilling careers they love.

We leverage our rich experience, Relationships & Intimate Understanding of the Global Markets gained by strategically partnering with 35+ Top Tier Organizations, 10000+ Senior Management & Executive Level leaders for 15+ years, to  make this possible, while pioneering a unique approach to Leadership Development & Strategic Career Management.

Why this Workshop ? – Our Purpose - Our Raison d’etre

Ambitious Students with BIG Dreams exist across Universities / Colleges.

However the Quality of Practical Exposure , Strategic Guidance & the access to Expert Insights the finest students get at the World’s best Universities like Stanford, Harvard & MIT are Orders of Magnitude higher than what most other ambitious students are able to get at most of the other Universities.

This combination of Exceptional Exposure & Expert Guidance creates a Competitive Advantage providing unique, unassailable benefits , a virtuous growth spiral propelling participant success.

This makes us believe that ambitious students demonstrating the Willingness & Commitment to Learn & Evolve themselves to the next level(s), if given the right expert guidance ,  data driven insights & practical exposure, at the right time by the right professionals,  can go much farther in their Careers & do this much faster than their current pace & velocity of success.

Imagine what can happen to your Career if you had an opportunity to get the same Quality of Practical Exposure, Strategic Guidance & the access to Expert Insights your finest peers are currently getting at the World’s best Universities like Stanford, Harvard & MIT.

Imagine what can happen to your Career if you had an opportunity to learn HOW some of the world’s finest Corporate Business & Technology Leaders like Satya Nadella, Sundar Pichai et al..built their Careers from the time they were in College

Imagine what can happen to your Career if you had an opportunity to gain hard to access, information overview on the matrix of career opportunities and the evolution of career paths across a plethora of Industry Clusters and Functional Specialities that eventually hire over 95% of the students evolving into Corporate Business & Technology Leaders, across the world.

Imagine what can happen to your Career if you had an opportunity to Learn from the Experience & Mistakes of some of the finest Entrepreneurs, Business / Technology / Engineering / Societal Leaders & architect your own future by “Modeling these Masters”.

Wouldn’t you Aim Higher in your Careers & Life more confident of your eventual success ?

Wouldn’t this Strategic Counsel & Expert Guidance significantly enhance your probability of becoming a world class Business / Technology/ Engineering Leader ?

Wouldn’t this be Priceless ?

LeaderClasses is being sculpted to accomplish this.

Our Pro-Bono Strategic Career Management Workshop aims to give you a flavor of what you can accomplish with us – Opening possibilities most students / professionals never knew about, but would love to know & should know.

About this Workshop

Our “Introduction to Strategic Career Management “ Workshop , a pro-bono initiative by LeaderClasses,  harmoniously blends, two complementary perspectives :-

1.Learning from & adapting the broad frameworks of best practices adopted in Career Planning and Advancement at some of :-


2.Practical ,Specialist and hard to obtain experience of a Serial Entrepreneur & a seasoned Top 50 Executive Recruiter Sharing  “Distilled wisdom” collated through 15+ years of extensive consulting with some of the finest global organizations & providing strategic career guidance to  best-in-class proven, leadership talent primarily in the Indian, US & Singaporean markets.

This is a structured session aiming to provide practical Career Tips & Insightful perspectives to accelerate the quality & speed of student transformation, while complementing the conceptual foundation laid by Academia.

The program format is structured to provide a Strategic Career Management framework to aid in decision making based on deductive logic that factors individual preferences and constraints while reflecting industry expectations and realities.

Upfront Clarification :-  This is NOT a Resume Writing / Interview Training / Communication Skill / Soft Skill / Personality Development / Placement Training Workshop but a strategic intervention intended to complement these.

Workshop Objectives

Who should apply to attend  this Workshop ?

Any ambitious student, across ALL the years, from ANY department , who is AIMING HIGH , aspiring to be a world class Business / Technology / Engineering / Societal Leader in the future & is willing to work hard to achieve this SHOULD apply by filling this “ Strategic Career Management Workshop Application Form”.

Special Invitation to :-

How To Apply ?

Registration Process :- Firstly, review to know more about us & Express your Interest to attend this Workshop by submitting your “Strategic Career Management Workshop Application Form”.

Applications will be scrutinized to assess :-

Casual Applications will be summarily rejected.

Next Steps :- Students whose applications have been shortlisted will be notified via their Colleges / Co Ordinators on the Date & Time for the Workshop at your Campus.

Leader Classes looks forward to hearing from & supporting you to accelerate your success, soon.

Thanks For Your Time & Attention !

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