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As you can see, LeaderClasses an IIM Alumni Venture, harnesses the world's best Strategic Career Management & Leadership Development resources to help ambitious Students & Working Professionals, transition on the fast-track to :-

Senior Management Level

Age (Years) Senior Management Level AGC( Annual Gross Compensation)  / CTC (Cost To Company)
30 < Age <50 In India INR 1 Crore p.a < AGC < INR 6 Crores p.a
In USA USD 500K  p.a  <  AGC < USD 5 Million p.a

Aspiring To Progress to executive level

Age (Years) Executive Level AGC( Annual Gross Compensation)  / CTC (Cost To Company)
50 < Age <60 In India AGC > INR 6 Crores p.a
In USA AGC > USD 5 Million p.a

In any of the following Geographies

India United States Singapore Germany
Canada Japan Hong Kong EMEA

Across any of the following Leadership Roles :-

Leadership Roles
Business Leadership
Technology Leadership
Engineering Leadership

while building fulfilling careers they love.

We leverage our rich experience, Relationships & Intimate Understanding of the Global Markets gained by strategically partnering with 35+ Top Tier Organizations, 10000+ Senior Management & Executive Level leaders for 15+ years, to  make this possible, while pioneering a unique approach to Leadership Development & Strategic Career Management.

Campus Partnership - Invitation to Universities / Colleges

Our Campus Partnership initiative is designed to accomplish Two strategic objectives :-

I. Accelerate the quality & pace of Student Transformation at interested Universities / Colleges PAN India :-

We believe that ambitious Students with Big Dreams exist across  Universities / Colleges & if guided Strategically with the world’s best resources in Leadership Development & Strategic Career Management, many of them can evolve into Distinguished Alumni of their Colleges / Universities while becoming highly respected Leaders in Business / Technology / Engineering & the Society at large.

What can happen if ambitious students from your University / College  are able to get the quality of practical Exposure, Expert Insights & Strategic Guidance their finest peers  are able to get at the World’s best Universities like Stanford, Harvard & MIT ?

Would you love to support & see your students become your “Distinguished Alumni” & potentially, world class Business Leaders, Technology Leaders, Engineering Leaders or Societal Leaders ?

If you are keen on accelerating the quality & pace of Student Transformation at your College / University & are open to taking our expert guidance on this, feel free to write to us, via our "Campus Partners" form.

We may be glad to help you, pro-bono.

To see for yourself the quality of our Video Content & how it can help you, we invite you to  view our Founder CEO's introductory Video providing "
Expert Insights to Accelerate your Career " if you have not done the same already.

II. Build our Campus Recruitment Relationships with Universities / Colleges :-

As an early stage startup venture at a super-exciting phase of our growth, with ambitious hiring plans we are looking to hire Interns / Permanent Employees for roles with us in :-

FYI, within the next 12 months, we are looking to hire 25+ Full Time Interns & 10+ Campus Recruits, of a very high caliber from select B-Schools, Engineering/Commerce -  Colleges/Universities PAN India, at an attractive Compensation offering exciting roles with excellent growth potential.

If interested in becoming a Campus Partner of LeaderClasses, we invite you to submit your details via our “Campus Partners Form

Campus Partnerships - Our Engagement Approach

We look forward to hearing from you soon & will advise interest/next steps within 5 Business Days of receipt of your “Campus Partners Form

Thanks for your Time & Attention !

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